Mexico Auto Insurance – Do You Need It?

Yes! If you plan on driving your own vehicle in Mexico, you must purchase a Mexico-specific auto insurance plan. US & Canadian auto insurance is not accepted as valid insurance in Mexico.

Luckily, picking up Mexico auto insurance for your vehicle is quick and easy.

In this article, you will learn everything you need about auto insurance in Mexico. Specifically

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What Type of Mexico Auto Insurance Is Required?

At a minimum, the Mexican government requires 3rd party liability-only auto insurance. For those traveling to Mexico on a budget, this is the cheapest auto insurance plan to buy.

What Is 3rd Party Liability Insurance?

3rd party liability insurance financially protects you if you cause damage and injure somebody else while driving.

In Mexico, this insurance ONLY pays for those injured outside your vehicle. Passengers in your vehicle are not covered.

Full Auto Insurance (Recommended)

Regarding driving in Mexico, we highly recommend getting full insurance. It covers 3rd-party liability PLUS you, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Where To Purchase Mexico Car Insurance?

Each time we enter Mexico, we get our Mexico Auto Insurance from Baja Bound.

  • US customer service representatives
  • Fast, online service
  • Fair rates
  • Courteous & professional

We compared the rates of Baja Bound versus the big-name auto insurance providers in the US and found Baja Bound to be more affordable.

Most importantly, the underwriters of these insurance policies are the same—no matter who is providing these plans. This means the larger US auto insurance companies add a significant markup for the same car insurance plans.

Go with Baja Bound.

Pricing Advice

Auto insurance policies for Mexico are irrationally expensive for short-term travel. But the longer you stay in Mexico, the cheaper the rates.

Mexico auto insurance policy rates for 11 days, 6 months, and 1 year
Mexico auto policy rates for 11 days, six months, and one year

This was the Mexico auto insurance policies (four options) that were presented to me. I asked for an 11-day policy but was also given a 6-month and 1-year policy.

You can see the difference between six months and one year is negligible. But the 11-day policy is much more expensive on a per-day basis.

I chose the 1-year policy instead and used this policy for two separate trips to Mexico.

What To Do When in an Accident in Mexico?

When you are involved in an accident in Mexico, things are slightly different than in your home country.

Initially, the other party may want to ignore your insurance and demand an up-front cash payment to settle any accident.

Police may get involved and pressure you to pay cash to resolve the dispute.

Whether you decide to pay money to settle is up to you. But you always have the right to call your insurance first so an agent can come to the accident scene and assess the damage.

Remember: If you have the proper insurance, you do not have to pay any cash up-front to anybody.

Travel With Confidence With Mexico Auto Insurance

Driving in Mexico can get hectic. Chaotic drivers, cattle ranchers on the road, and hidden motorcyclists everywhere.

Plus, many streets in Mexico are narrow, and we’ve come inches away from scraping other vehicles and property.

Though we know people who fake their insurance, we don’t recommend that. Picking up affordable Mexico auto insurance is the best thing you can do to calm your nerves while driving.

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If you have any questions about getting auto insurance for Mexico, please let us know in the comments section below.

Happy traveling!

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