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The Ultimate Camper Van Conversion Guide

An actionable, step-by-step camper van conversion guide for beginners. With 80+ articles and free downloadable ebooks & tools, we’re here to ensure that your dream home on wheels is just a step away.


Choosing a van

Selecting the perfect vehicle is vital for a successful van life journey. Although any vehicle can be transformed into a livable space, each type has pros and cons. You must decide which vehicle offers the best features and benefits for your unique camper van experience.

This chapter discusses such topics as whether high-roof and stealth vans are essential to van life. We also disclose how much we spent on our Ford Transit and how we negotiated the best price for our brand-new van.


Planning & Design

Designing the interior layout and appearance of a van conversion is an enjoyable and inspiring process. At this stage, you can showcase your personality to the outside world! However, it is equally important to be creative and practical to ensure that every inch of space is used efficiently.

This chapter will guide you through creating your van’s floor plan, highlighting important planning aspects to consider, and providing key design tips to help you build the perfect home on wheels.


Climate Control

During the initial phases of a van conversion, putting in a vent fan, windows, and insulation is common. These three installations work in unison to help regulate the inside temperature of your camper van, ensuring that you remain cool in hot climates and warm during the winter months.

This chapter provides detailed installation instructions and tips to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your travels.


Walls, Ceiling & Floor

Constructing the interior frame of a camper van is a vital step in the conversion process that significantly impacts the overall appearance and ambiance of a van. Your choice of materials and color scheme are some of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

In this chapter, we show how we installed the walls, ceiling, and floors in our camper van. Additionally, we provide useful installation tips and recommend the products we used in our van build.


Electrical System

Electricity is essential for a camper van as it powers all your devices, including lights, fans, laptops, and blenders. If assembling an electrical system feels overwhelming, fear not. We are passionate about guiding you through building a system that meets YOUR needs.

In this chapter, we write detailed step-by-step tutorials to help you build each section of your electrical system. Throughout this section, we offer intuitive wiring diagrams, material lists, and a range of free downloadable resources to get you started.

Van Conversion Ebooks (Free)

Converting a camper van? Our PDFs will help you speed through your build. This essential bundle is loaded with wiring diagrams, calculators, and product tables based on experience & research.

  • Electric, solar, & plumbing
  • Recommended products
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Solar System

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to passively charge your leisure batteries, which enables you to maintain energy independence and wild camp for longer periods. Additionally, it’s a tremendous feeling to know that all your electrical needs are powered directly by the sun!

In this chapter, we will assist you in guiding you through your solar system installation. Our solar size calculator will help you determine how many watts you’ll need, and our solar schematics will show you how and where to install each component. You can find all our free solar resources here.


Interior Furniture

Your van won’t be a proper home on wheels without interior furniture. This is your chance to design and furnish a camper that best represents you!

In this chapter, we guide you through the process of building a bed, kitchen counters, overhead cabinets, and other essential furniture. We provide easy-to-follow instructions, tips for installation, and recommendations for some of the exact products we use in our van.


Water System & Plumbing

Access to clean water is essential for anyone living in a van, as it allows you to stay hydrated, cook, clean up, and even shower inside your camper van. There are several ways to create a water system inside a van, and in our posts, we offer guidance on choosing and building a plumbing system that meets your specific needs.

This chapter provides step-by-step instructions on installing a simple sink system with removable fresh and grey water tanks. For those who require a shower, we also provide blueprints to help you install a shower system with an electric hot water boiler. To make the installation process even easier, download our free plumbing diagrams.