The Essential Bundle

Accelerate Your Van Build With Free Downloads

Our resources help you turn your van into the ultimate travel companion, from wiring diagrams to calculators to plumbing schematics. Best of all, they are 100% free to use.

Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Our wiring blueprints are designed to help you select your components and assemble your electrical system quickly and accurately. You’ll learn what goes where and how to connect everything together.

Battery Size Calculator

This simple calculator helps determine your ideal battery bank size based on your camper’s total power demand. Use this tool alongside our battery calculator post.

Solar Wiring Diagrams

This solar ebook guides you through assembling a photovoltaic system in your camper. Lots of additional resources to level up your knowledge to ensure your solar design satisfies your power needs and is safe.

Solar Calculator

Use our solar calculator to determine how much solar watts you’ll require to power your electrical devices daily. Visit our solar calculator post for a step-by-step guide.

Water System Diagrams

Our plumbing schematics help you to install a simple sink setup and a more intricate hot water shower system with an electric boiler. Plumbing was our least favorite van converison step, let our PDF help guide you.

“Your solar diagram and electrical tutorials have been so helpful in helping me just simplify and break it down. Thank you so much.”

Robert Powers

“I’ve landed on your information, and it is more helpful than anything I’ve come across. Thank you”

Matthew Spera

“Your Electrical Wiring eBook was extremely helpful during my DIY Ram Promaster build. The links made it all the better! ”

Thomas Craney