How To Camp for Free in a Camper Van

If you’ve already invested a substantial amount of money into your camper van, you might be reluctant to pay to sleep at paid campgrounds and RV parks. $30 here, $20 there. These costs add up quickly; before you know it, you spend a considerable sum every month to sleep in your vehicle. Why not just camp for free?

Seriously. After all, you already have your room and bed. All you need is a secure place to park every evening.

In this post, we will talk about several popular ways to camp for free while traveling in your camper van or RV. This includes finding the most picturesque, dispersed campsites across the United States and how to overnight at convenient spots while driving along the nation’s major highways. Wherever you are, this van life free camping guide will ensure you don’t pay a dime to sleep.

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Camp for Free on BLM Lands

Nature lovers on a budget can rejoice! Camping on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land is a fantastic way to get far out into the wilderness and camp for free.

Ford Transit camper van parked overnight on BLM public land
Parked on BLM land in Texas

Though paid & serviced campgrounds are available on BLM lands, these areas only comprise a small percentage of the total land reserved under BLM. The rest of the area is designated for ‘dispersed camping,’ which is sleeping on public land away from established recreation facilities.

Use the BLM online map to locate the closest BLM near you.

The downside to dispersed camping on BLM land is that usually, zero resources are available to you. No toilets, showers, running water, or electricity is provided. But hey, it’s free. You get what you pay for. Just be sure to pack everything out when you leave your campsite.

Free Camping on National Forest Lands

Boondocking on national forest land
Parked on National Forest grounds, just outside Mt. Ranier NP

Free camping opportunities also exist on National Forest lands. With over 150 National Forests in the United States, you can be sure at least one of these forests is located near you.

All National Forest lands are open to free dispersed camping unless otherwise indicated. And since we started van life, we’ve rarely seen a sign explicitly prohibiting camping on these National Forest lands. So you can be sure your spot is likely safe from those pesky forest rangers.

Free Camping Pro Tip: National Forest lands are usually adjacent to National Park lands, which almost always prohibits dispersed camping. Therefore, you can spend the day visiting the National Park and, in the evening, retreat outside the park boundaries to the National Forest and camp without paying any fees.

To find a National Forest near you, check out the locator feature on the US Forest Service website.

The downside of dispersed camping on National Forest land is that there are several rules you’ll need to follow to prevent damage to natural resources and wildlife. These include:

  • Campfire restrictions with burn bans and permits
  • Human waste disposal requirements
  • Proper food storage procedures
  • Following ‘Leave No Trace’ principles, pack your things out when you leave.

Check out the US Forest Service camping guide for more information on dispersed camping regulations.

Overnight Parking at Walmart

Two camper vans parked at a Walmart parking lot
Free overnight parking at Walmart

Sleeping for free overnight at Walmart parking lots has been a staple among the van life & RV community for decades.

And it’s no wonder why that is. Walmart Supercenters are ubiquitous nationwide (and Canada!) and offer safe places to stay overnight, with security personnel overseeing the parking lot. We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve slept overnight at more than our fair share of Walmart parking lots across the country.

The downside of overnight parking at Walmart is that not all Walmarts are friendly to camper vans & RVs. If you happen to be at the ‘wrong’ Walmart, you may get a rude knock in the middle of the night and be asked to leave.

To ensure we stay at a Walmart that allows overnight RV parking, we use the iOverlander App and and read the reviews from past campers.

Be A Respectful Overnighter: If you’re reading this, please treat your Walmart overnight spot like a BLM or National Forest campground. Keep your spot clean and pack all your belongings out. We’ve seen too many people trashing their parking spots and abusing their overnight privileges, ensuring that more Walmart supercenters will close their doors to the van life and RV communities.

Camp for Free at Truck Stops

Flying J gas station
Spending the night at Flying J truck stops

You’ve probably gassed up at one of the many Flying J and Pilot service centers when traveling along major transportation highways. These two brands, and a handful of others, used to only service the long-haul trucking industry but recently began prioritizing campers, RVs, and other private vehicles.

While certainly not the most beautiful free overnight parking solution, sleeping near the 24/7 convenience store won’t cost you a penny and is guaranteed to be free from the dreaded ‘midnight knock’ from the police.

In addition, Flying J and Pilot service centers also offer a wealth of RV services like water dump stations and propane refills. Bonus: If you have a Good Sam account, you’ll be able to get discounts on these services (as well as fuel discounts).

The noise is the downside to overnight camping at Flying J and Pilot service centers. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying to sleep while gigantic diesel trucks drive by your camper, you’ll soon find out what we’re talking about.

To locate the nearest Flying J or Pilot location near us, we use the myRewards Plus app.

Take Advantage of Casinos

Many casinos offer free camping facilities to the van life and RV community. Oftentimes, the free ‘campsite’ is nothing more than a parking spot in the back of the casino lot without even a bathroom nearby.

Of course, the hope is that you’ll wander into the casino and try your luck at the roulette table or slot machines. But if you practice good restraint, parking at casinos is a great way to camp for free in your vehicle.

Use the CasinoCamper website to find casinos that offer free overnight opportunities.

Sleep for Free at Highway Rest Areas

Another convenient free overnight solution is to park at rest stations, which are ubiquitous along major highways in the US.

Sleeping for free at these highway rest areas is possibly the most convenient method when long-hauling it across the country. That’s because you don’t have to drive very far off the highway to get to a rest area. In addition, there are always plenty of parking spaces, 24/7 bathroom facilities are available, and drinking water is usually nearby.

The downside of overnight parking at rest areas is that not every rest area allows parking overnight. And if it is permitted, most areas will restrict your parking to not more than 8 hours. However, our experience is that the ‘8-hour’ rule isn’t strictly enforced and can usually be stretched out to a 12-hour period.

Again, it’s best to consult review sites, like,, to plan which rest area you want to stay at.

Stealth Parking in Urban Areas

Ford Transit camper van parked on the street in Canada
Our Ford Transit camper van parked on the street

One of the most popular terms in the van life community is ‘stealth camping,’ which involves discreetly camping for free in urban areas like residential neighborhoods, roadsides, and business parking lots.

To successfully stealth camp means evading the attention of the police, would-be thieves, and curious neighbors and usually involves sleeping in a vehicle that doesn’t overtly look like a camper. Hence the “stealth”.

A camper that looks like a basic white, standard commercial work van works best here.

But if we’re being honest, stealth camping is our least preferred method of camping for free. That’s because this overnight solution is the least safe from intruders and has the highest chance of getting you in trouble with the authorities. It’s also the most annoying to the local residents. Would you like it if your neighborhood street became a popular urban camping location?

Not only is stealth camping our least preferred method, but we also rarely do it. There are too many better options that are safer and legally allowed (a nearby Walmart would be our pick).

To learn why we don’t recommend stealth camping, check out our post: Why Stealth Camping Is A Terrible Idea.

Best Tips for Finding Free Campsites

Man standing inside a Ford Transit camper van looking out the side door
Spending the day at a paid campground in Canada

Finding free places to camp during van life is an art form. And it can take some time to learn how to search for a free site quickly and get it right the first time. That being said, here are some of our tips for finding free places to camp with your RV.

  1. Plan Ahead – Don’t get stuck searching for an overnight spot after dusk.
  2. Take Advantage Of Good Reception – Use it now if you have full cell reception. Don’t wait until later. You might end up in a reception dead zone.
  3. Utilize Different Resources – Whether searching for BLM land, forest land, or just a truck stop, use the right tool (smartphone app) for the job.
  4. Don’t Get Discouraged – Just because you had a terrible experience at one free campsite, don’t get discouraged. Use it as a learning opportunity and search for the next great place.

Final Thoughts: The Right Free Camping Spot Is a Magical Experience

Not every free camping spot is a fantastic place. Sometimes, you just need a ‘good enough’ location to carry you over until the following day.

But when you finally find that one picturesque spot out in nature that doesn’t cost you a dime, soak it in and enjoy the solitude. You’ve reached peak van life.

And as always, please help to keep these free campsites pristine and litter-free. Follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle and return your spot to the same condition as when you arrived.

If you have any questions about how to camp for free in your camper van, please let us know in the comments section below.

Happy camping!

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